Italy Serie A — 12 June 2013

Livorno is the last team that has been admitted to Serie A this season, after the victory against Luca MazzoniEmpoli. As normal, the Club has to reorganize the strategies and to decide the regular player of next season, whose objective is to remain in Serie A.

One of the biggest problem for Livorno is the decision about who will be the goalkeeper. This Club indeed will play numerous matches insisting to a strong defense and limiting the attack phase, as typical of the teams just arrived in Serie A. And for this reason, a great goalkeeper is fundamental. During the last season in Serie B, Livorno has alternate two goalkeepers; one of them,  Mazzoni, remains in Livorno, but the coach is not sure to line up him as regular.

Numerous names have been associated to Livorno, starting from Marco Amelia, AC Milan goalkeeper that has started his career in this Club. The idea is touching for the supporters, but almost impossible due to his wage and to the contract that Amelia has with AC Milan. Another option is Viviano, that after a season in Florence, has returned back to Palermo. With Palermo in Serie B, his departure could be an option. The young goalkeeper of Juve Stabia, Nocchi, has been associated to Livorno, but it is improbable his arrival as regular due to his lack of experience.

The decision will probably be made in the future, because numerous Clubs are looking for a goalkeeper or have a goalkeeper more, and the transfer market is still long.


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