Serie A — 20 April 2013

Genoa-Atalanta will open the 33^ round of Serie A. Genoa is looking for 3 fundamental points to remain in Serie A, even if its situation is really complex; differently, Atalanta has a safe position in Serie A, but it wants to show all its possibilities. The stadium Galileo Ferraris is always a negative memoryMarco Borriello for Colantuono’s team, because Atalanta won there last time in 2003, when both the teams were in Serie B. Genoa and Atalanta have met 38 times, and Genoa won 22 matches. Today the result is more decisive for Genoa, but also for Atalanta that wants to change this trend.

The match will be characterized by the absences of the top-scorers of both the teams: Atalanta will miss German Denis, author of 15 goals in this season, while Genoa will play without Marco Borriello, author of 9 goals. Both the strikers are suspended; the coaches have already thought about their substitutes. Genoa’s attack will see Floro Flores, even if this season is negative for the player, without goals till now. Atalanta will line up Livaja, new arrival in Bergamo and author of 2 goals in the last 8 matches.

Ballardini has decided to change the organization of his team: Floro Flores will be the only stiker, supported by Bertolacci and Jankovic. As defenders he will line up 4 players: Moretti, Grandqvist, Manfredini and Portanova.

Colantuono will line up Cigarini, returned from an injury, together with Biondini. In the attack Livaja will be helped by Maxi Moralez, a couple that should be able to substitute in a good way Denis.

After the match, Genoa will know more about its future, waiting for the matches of its direct enemies tomorrow afternoon.


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