Serie A — 13 April 2013

The 32^ round of Serie A starts with Pescara-Siena, the most important match for the bottom part of the league table. Siena, Innocent EmegharaPescara must win to have some hopes, or at least to win a match this year. In fact, Pescara has gained only a point since January 2013 at it is the last team of the table. Different the situation for Siena, that risks to be relegated in Serie B, but that still have some possibilities, because also Palermo and Genoa have the same points. Siena will do everything to get the three points, trrying to overpass the other two enemies.

Pescara is performing in a disastrous way this year. It finished 2012 with a victory against Fiorentina, but starting from January all the matches, except one draw, have concluded in a defeat. There are still 7 matches before the end of the Serie A, but it seems improbable its permanence in Serie A also next year. The coach does not want to capitulate, but considered also the numerous absences, it will result really difficult to gain a positive result.

On the other hand, Siena arrives from four positive results, and the victory against Pescara could mean an advantage compared to its direct enemies that will play more difficult matches. Iachini, the coach, will count on Emeghara, the excellent striker of Siena, that supported by Rosina and Agra has scored numerous goals in 2013.


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