Serie A — 16 May 2013

Just a few days and the transfer market will start. AC Milan, inCristian Zapata addition to some probable new arrivals, has to decide to confirm or not some players.

The first one is Christian Abbiati, AC Milan goalkeeper, whose confirmation has already been announced by Adriano Galliani. He will remain 100% in AC Milan, supported by Gabriel as second goalkeeper of the team.

Ambrosini is the current captain of AC Milan and his idea is to remain in AC Milan till the end of his career. However, in the last days, it has been rumored about an interest of West Ham, some German and American Clubs in Ambrosini. In any case, it seems that the player will remain in Milan.

Bojan is still a mystery. The player has not completely convinced AC Milan that does not want to pay 15 million euros to Barcelona to get him. Everything depends on the desire of Bojan himself, because in case of his will to remain in AC Milan, it is probable that the two Clubs could find an agreement. However, it seems unprobable his confirmation in Milan.

Bonera has been asked by Juventus and other important Italian teams. The player wants to remain in AC Milan, together with the other columns of the team. It is probable that Galliani will prolong his contract of an year.

Flamini accepted a reduction of his wage to remain in AC Milan last summer. Now, it is probable that the player will ask a new contract that will last for 2 years more. AC Milan has not declared anything about the French player, that has become important in the second part of this season. His confirmation is probable, but not sure.

Yepes has not been employed in numerous occasions during this Serie A, due to his age and his physical condition. However, every time he played, his performance was excellent. Also in this case the Club has declared nothing, and his future is still a doubt.

The last player is Zapata, whose future will probably be AC Milan. In fact, the player, after a bad beginning of the season, has found his equilibrium, becoming regular player with Mexes and saving his team in several circumstances, with great performances.


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