Italy Serie A — 01 July 2013

AC Milan till now has not concluded interesting operations. It’s rumored a lot, but concrete agreemenAndrea Polits have not been found. Allegri asked the managers of AC Milan some new midfielders, because for now the only certainty is Riccardo Montolivo. Nigel De Jong, after his terrible injury, will return in September, but he is a bet due to this long absence. Nocerino and Flamini are still discussing about their future because they are not considered key elements of AC Milan. In addition, Flamini, whose contract will end this year, is asking too much money to remain. Inter Milan is interested in getting the French player if AC Milan decides not to prolong anymore his contract.

Andrea Poli has been the first choice and the negotiation could find a positive conclusion during this week. In exchange, it is possible that the young Salamon will reach Sampdoria. The other deal that will be discussed next week regards Honda: CSKA Moscow asks 7 million euros for him, but considered that his contract will end in December, this amount could be reduced and AC Milan could conclude an interesting low cost agreement.

The arrival of Honda is linked to the situation Robinho: Santos has just declared that he is not interested in getting Robinho due to his exaggerate cost and his requested wage. However, it could be possible that in the following weeks, AC Milan will decrease the price of Robinho to start working on his real objectives.


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