: ' Inter Milan'

Inter Milan has to accelerate his decisions

As happened to Juventus for Higuain, also Inter Milan is seeing his objective disappearing. The dream Paulinho indeed has just signed a contract with Tottenham. In the following days, the player should be officially presented. Tottenham [...]

Serie A: 5 Objectives and 3 Clubs

5 players are at the center of the Italian transfer market and the interest for them is of the 3 most important clubs in Italy. AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus are ready to challenge themselves [...]

Inter Milan: 16 million euros to invest

To conclude big operations in the transfer market every club needs enough money. Inter Milan is trying to get that money through transfers and not confirmations of less important players. Inter Milan is trying to save [...]

Inter Milan goes shopping in Cagliari

Nainggolan is the first objective of Mazzarri, due to his ductility and his quality. The challenge between Roma and Inter Milan continues to get this player and the two clubs are trying to offer more to [...]

Inter Milan and the desired Paulinho

After the arrival of Mazzarri in Inter Milan, it seems that during this week-end the managers of the Club have started working on the primary aims of the new coach. Isla, Nainggolan, Basta and Gomes are [...]

Assault on Nainggolan

Massimo Moratti is trying to make one of the best transfer market operations of the last period, conducing the midifielder Radja Nainggolan in Inter Milan. This last one is the midfielder desired by Walter Mazzarri, the [...]

Catania and his precious Players

Catania has numerous interesting players, noticed by the big Clubs: Papu Gomez, Pitu Barrientos, Gonzalo Bergessio and Francesco Lodi. Bigger Clubs with more money have already contacted Catania to look for agreements to get one of [...]

Inter Milan: Important Transfers to Get New Players

Walter Mazzarri has explained in a clear way his projects for next season to Moratti, highlighting the necessity of new players, but at the same time declaring that Inter Milan does not need to be revolutionized. [...]

Inter Milan: Difficulties and Objectives

The name of Paulinho is a dream for Inter Milan, that in the past has tried to gain the Brazilian midfielder. Today, in the new Inter Milan that is being reorganized by Mr Mazzarri, Paulinho returns [...]

Napoli: Benitez wants Guarin

It seems possible that Inter Milan and Napoli will be involved in some transfer market operations. In fact, Mazzarri arrived in Inter Milan with the idea to bring with him Zuniga. According to the new strategies [...]