: ' Edinson Cavani'

The 8 more demanded players of Serie A

Serie A is almost ended and the best players have been noticed. Some of them will change their team at the end of this season, leaving for a foreign experience or for a new team in [...]

Serie A: Cavani, Jovetic and Osvaldo

Everything depends on Edinson Cavani, Napoli striker, desired by numerous Clubs. His transfer could develop a series of new arrivals and departures in Serie A. Cavani costs 63 million euros, and Manchester City and Real Madrid [...]

Serie A: top players transfer market update

Is AC Milan really interested in Lavezzi? The answer is a mystery. The Argentinian player has been seen in Milan in the past days, but his arrival in AC Milan seems a strange option. His cost [...]

Napoli thanks Insigne and flies away

Napoli-Cagliari has been an exciting match till the end, due to the numerous goals and situations. The match started in a difficult way for Napoli, that tried to be aggressive, without gaining a result. Cavani failed [...]

7 players at the center of the Italian transfer market

7 players will be at the center of the Italian transfer market, thanks to the excellent way in which they are performing during this Serie A, but, in the majority of the situations, their Clubs consider [...]

Napoli, possible substitutes of Cavani

Nothing has been defined yet, but in case of Cavani’s departure, it will be really difficult to find his perfect substitute. There are always more teams interested in the Uruguayan player: Real Madrid, Manchester City and [...]

Dzemaili always more decisive: Napoli-Genoa 2-0

The match played yesterday in San Paolo gave Napoli another victory and 4 points more AC Milan, its direct rival for the second position, and the team against whom Napoli will play next round. The superiority [...]

Guardiola wants to do shopping in Serie A

Pep Guardiola will be the coach of Bayern Munich next season, and he is already planning how to build his future team. Bayern Munich is a strong team, with numerous important players, but Guardiola wants to [...]

Napoli, is Cavani the new Maradona?

Edinson Cavani has scored 97 goals during his career in Napoli, an amount that permits to compare the Uruguayan player to some columns of the past. Thanks to the double scored in Turin, Cavani has overpassed [...]

Torino-Napoli: Cavani and Dzemaili show

Torino-Napoli, played yesterday, has been an exciting match: 8 goals in total and the result remained uncertain till the end. An incredible match, finished 3-5, for which Napoli has to thank Cavani and Dzemaili, authors together [...]