Serie A — 25 March 2013

There are several players in Serie A, that should have shown their talent during this season, to keep away from polemics and critics. But this does not happen to everyone, and for this reason, the criticized players are looking for a neMauricio Pinillaw opportunity and a new team.

The first is Mauricio Pinilla, Cagliari striker, that has not been noticed till now due to injuries and matches spent on the bench. A strange situation for a player able to score numerous goals per season and previously leader of his team. Supporters of Grosseto love him, and in Palermo everyone is still missing Pinilla. In Cagliari, the Club and the supporters wanted more from him during last year. It is more than probable a new team for Pinilla: Atalanta and Torino at first; these two teams in fact have already thought about him during the winter transfer market.

Also Fabrizio Miccoli, Palermo’s captain, will probably leave his team. The Club does not want to sign a longer contract with him, especially due to his high cost. In fact, Palermo is going to be relegated in Serie B, and to pay a so high amount for a player will be impossibe. Miccoli does not want to leave, but at this point, he cannot do anything more.

Lastly, Sergio Floccari. In January he could have left Lazio to play in Napoli or Genoa, but Lazio decided not to let him go. Now, the decision about his future, remains in Floccari’s hands in June.


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