Italy Transfer News — 08 May 2013

Numerous important European Clubs want to renew their teams during this summer, getting younger players or just new ones. Italian biggest Club are interested in Charles Puyolthese elements, because it is probable that their price will result convenient.

Barcelona and Real Madrid indeed are going to change something in their teams; Gonzalo Higuain, considered a fundamental element till last year, seems now not useful. Juventus is ready to start discussing his possible transfer, to finally have a top player in attack. On his hand, the defender Pepe does not want to remain in Madrid anymore, due to his scarce employment during this season. An Italian option could permit him to play more.

Barcelona has still the possibility to let Alexis Sanchez leave. The player does not want to come back to Italy, and his costs seems too high in any case. More interesting appears the option Charles Puyol, that is not considered fundamental as in the past. This last one could decide to leave Barcelona for AC Milan, the team for which he has always expressed appreciation and desire to play.  His arrival could be seen in a positive way in AC Milan that is looking for a defender, and Puyol has considerable experience in this role.

Other two options are Modric and Fabregas, both midfielders not really appreciated by their current teams. There are not teams already interested in them, but one of them could change the midfield of one Italian Club.


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