Italy — 15 March 2013

Milan Champions League

After the round of 16 of Champions League and Europe League, something changed for Italy. Italy, fourth in the UEFA ranking, was losing points in the last years risking to be surpassed by France and Portugal. This year, at the beginning, Italy seemed to follow the same trend of the previous time, but till the round of 16 the Italian teams had an excellent course in Europe. However the last results, with the elimination of AC Milan and Inter Milan, both of them with a great performance in San Siro and a fault in the away game, overturn the situation. With 4 teams over the 6 total in Europe, Italy could have gained a big improvement in its ranking, attempting the third place of Germany, that beyond Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortumund, does not have any other team in this quarter-finals.

Third place that would have guarantee 7 teams in the European competition, but stopped by the strong 4-0 suffered in Camp Nou and by the unique goal away scored by Adebayor who permitted Tottenham to advance.

However, the result is not too bad for Italy, because no one would have thought the advancement till the quarter-finals of two Italian teams. Moreover France and Portugal have each one only a team, both of them with a strong rival to play with.

For sure, the first position of Spain is unquestionable; the probability of a Spanish final in Champions League is high, especially if Barcelona plays at its best. However, there aren’t Spanish team in Europe League. Opposite situation for England, where only Europe League is a possibility to win on the international stage.

It is also a certanity that Italian teams will do their best to reach an higher ranking as was in the glorious past.


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