Italy — 24 May 2013

On Sunday evening, the final match of Coppa Italia will see one of the most imMiroslav Kloseportant challenges in Italy: the derby Roma-Lazio. This appointment is fundamental not only for the meaning, but especially for the future: the winner will participate to the preliminary phase of Europa League.

Miroslav Klose will be the decisive element for Petkovic, a professionist, able to manage the angst and the tension before important matches. He has played in Champions League and for the German national team and could support his teammates with less experience.

Klose is the nightmare of Roma: before his arrival in Lazio, Roma always won the direct matches. After that moment, in the last 4 matches the result is 3 victories for Lazio and 1 draw in the most recent one, in which Klose had problems to his knee. In perfect physical conditions as now, nothing could stop the power of the German player.

The final of Coppa Italia is a decisive match because represents the possibility to conclude in a decent way a season not really excellent. In fact, in September Lazio seemed having the possibility to be the direct enemy of Juventus for Scudetto, and also his performances in Europe were good. All these possibilities ended with the elimination from Europe and with the exclusion from Champions League and Europa League next season.

Lazio needs the striker Klose to assure his participation in Europa League. The German player is the only one able to save the situation.


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