Italy — 14 March 2013

Emanuele Giaccherini is happy about his current situation in Juventus. His goal in Catania is the sign of his excellent conditions. Also Antonio Conte is proud of his player, and after the match in Catania, the coach told Giaccherini that he is fundamental for the team. The player, during a press conference, said that he is always ready to play for Juventus, however it is Conte’s work to decide who is in the best conditions to play a match.

Tomorrow it will beEmanuele Giaccherini an important day for Juventus’ future in Champions League. Giaccherini comments on the possible Juventus’ enemies. He fears Borussia Dortmund, a young team, well prepared and that arrived first in the round with Real Madrid, Manchester City and Ajax. Also Barcelona and Real Madrid are not desired enemies. Giaccherini hopes in a favorable drawing for his team: Malaga. However, he added that in Champions League each team may become a problem, everyone is more motivated and plays in a better way.

Also Alessandro Matri agrees with Giaccherini: Malaga will be the most suitable team to meet in Champions League. Moreover, he has a special relationship with Malaga: during last summer he scored a double against the Spanish Club. It was during a friendly match, but he is looking forward to repeat this experience in Europe.


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