La Liga — 31 March 2013

	Barcelona left 2 points at Vigo

A goal by Borja Oubiña, three minutes left before the end of the match allowed the Celta rescue a point against Barcelona, which unsurprisingly, booked many of his starters for the European match against Paris Saint Germain.

Barca has secured the league, only a catastrophe could make them lose it. Their challenge is their performance in the Champions League. The coaching staff led by Tito Vilanova knows it, so from the usual strating line played: Messi, Pique, Dani Alves and Cesc Fabregas, and almost all of them played with the handbrake on.

Celta´s players were too conservative they squandered a golden opportunity to win the Catalans. Were bold in the first half hour, where repeatedly hazard step the visiting area, but from there Celta simply defend.

That tactic went good in the first half for Abel Resino, ´cause right after Pinto made a nice stop to Borja´s shot, and that Tello didn´t take advantage of a large attendance from Messi, Natxo Insa put Celta de Vigo ahead in the score.

But the joy lasted just five minutes, the time that the Argentinian Leo Messi took to appear again to attend Tello, who this time made no mistake against Javi Varas.

At the start of the second act the Celtic had a new opportunity to move forward but the Korean Park missed the shot again, proving that the absence of the player Lago Aspas was really affecting the team performance.

From there, Barca´s domain was overwhelming. Celta completely resigned to the attack and was left to Barcelona, without excessive pressure, Messi was instructed to handle the game.

And the Argentinian international did not miss their chance with the net, in the 65th minute, after a great inmate of Tello, beat Javi Varas, the goalkeeper who bitter him last season at the Camp Nou defending Sevilla´s goal.

The Celta was launched to get the draw, and ended earning the prize just three minutes before the end with a header from Oubiña Borja, who took advantage of huge defensive mismatch from the Catalans.


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