Italy Serie A — 26 May 2013

The future of AC Milan depends on the decision about his future coach and as a consquence GallianKevin Prince-Boatengi will start working in the transfer market. It is now impossible to conclude operations without having a clear and defined project for the following season. The meeting between Allegri and Berlusconi planned for tomorrow has been postponed because the president has no time to discuss with the coach. It seems that the new meeting is planned on Thursday.

The first aspect to discuss is the presence of Allegri as coach of AC Milan during next season. In theory, Mr Allegri has still one year of contract with the Club, but due to the problematic relationship with Berlusconi the contract could end in advance. Galliani and the players support the idea that Allegri will remain also next season, but Berlusconi seems preferring Seedorf to him. A big problem because the Dutch player has no experience as coach, and to play a delicate phase as the preliminary of Champions League more experience could be necessary. Moreover, the supporters are against the return of Seedorf as coach, aware of his ability as player, but not as a coach.

The transfer market of AC Milan till now seems concentrated on two people: Honda as new arrival and Boateng as leaving player. This last one has not performed in an excellent way this season, and has problems with Mr Allegri. Also in this case, the supporters have expressed their desire to let Boateng leave, because they have not appreciated his behavior during last season. Honda could arrive to substitute Boateng and to give more quality to the midfield.

Seedorf or Allegri? Berlusconi has to think about this decision carefully, because this aspect could influence the development of the future season,both in Europe and in Italy.


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