Copa del Rey Spain — 03 March 2013

The keys that brought Atletico to the finalThese are some of the keys that explain their success:

-Diego Costa: if in August was the team’s third striker, behind Adrian and Falcao, today is ahead of the Spanish and is as undisputed as the Colombian. Cup top scorer with seven goals, was vital in the semi-final against Sevilla: in the first leg scored two penalties and in the second scored the first goal, assisted for the second and caused the expulsion of Medel and Kondogbia

Big, strong and fast, but with a difficult attitude in the field, he is unstoppable.

-The defense: Atletico is no longer a team with a trembling defense, than any dead-ball situation was presented as an irresolvable problem that tended to complicate in the simplest clearances

Kept the goal to 0 in the first 5 games, and the first goal was due to a penalty-up to the 88th minute of the second leg of the quarterfinals against Betis, with the tie already decided

-The bench: With not many options, especially after Silvio and Emre left last January, Diego Pablo Simeone has managed to meter efforts. The star of the team, Radamel Falcao, only participated in three matches so far this tournament, where homegrown players had chances in the first qualifier and players that are not often playing the league, but they have successfully gained prominence

-The Vicente Calderón: Many coaches prefer to play at home the second leg match, but against Atletico but that’s not a guarantee.

In the three matches played against LFP teams, they started the first leg at home and all of them have gone ahead.


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