La Liga — 18 March 2013

Sevilla maintains European chances after thrashing an inoperative Zaragoza

Sevilla was repositioned to fight for European competitions, after winning their fifth straight home win (4-0) against Zaragoza, which was completely ineffective in attack and accused the expulsion of midfielder Babovic on the first half an hour.

Sevilla was already ahead when the Serbian saw his second yellow card, which recurred at goal in the opening minutes of the second half before international Jose Antonio Reyes and Alvaro Negredo completed the win in two counterattacks.

Although the visiting coach, Manolo Jiménez, populated his midfield with three defensive pivots, Sevilla came with much danger in the opening minutes and only good Leo Franco stops prevented the 1-0 arrive, first with a free kick from Rakitic and later with a shot from Reyes.

Disadvantage and outnumbered, the visitors faced the second half in good conditions and their few scoring options disappeared when Coke, at minute 7, hooked a shot from a corner of the penalty area that went straight to the goal.

Jimenez made a double change, the entrance of Bienvenu and Rochina, with it, he tried to provide some offensive bites, however it had the opposite effect, Zaragoza decomposed during the next few minutes; Sevilla completed the win with 2 counterattack goals.

First, Navas and Reyes crossed the field with a dizzying career and a double wall pass, finished by the Reyes after an excellent assistance from his partner. Then a steal from Maduro, just after entering into the field, allowed the 4-0 after a great assistance to Negredo who took advantage of “the death pass” from Reyes.


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