Italy Transfer News — 01 March 2013

The transfer market has been concluded since a month; it is possible now to make an evaluation about who can be considered as an investment, and who has failed. Balotelli is the only player that cost a lot to his new team, all the others are low-cost operations.

Balotelli is important for this transfer period, not only due to his cost, but also because he has already shown his positive effects in AC Milan, not only scoring, but giving a new enthusiasm to his teammated as well.

The other “big” name was Nicolas Anelka, young French player bought by Juventus to solve its problem in the offensive phase. However, his presence in Serie A is limited to 19 minutes. Not enough to be considered a top transfer. Emeghara, Siena

No long employment also for Saha, probably due to his not perfect physical condition, as well as for Moscardelli in Bologna.

No minutes in Serie A for Zaccardo and Salomon in AC Milan, Calaiò and Rolando in Napoli and Naldo in Bologna.

Delusions are Caraglio, noticed for his frequent negative performances in Pescara, and Merkel, no more regular midfielder in Udine.

Surprise is Innocent Emeghara, arrived in January in Siena, has started playing and scoring considerably ( goal average comparable to Balotelli), trying to save Siena from a fall in Serie B.

Also Atalanta has made a great affair: the club has bought a part of Livaja as a consequence of the agreement about Schelotto; now Atalanta has a young striker, already author of  a double in Serie A.  In addition Atalanta has discovered Del Grosso, precious defender.

To conclude the winter transfer market it must be noted that Sampdoria has acquired Sansone, while Palermo is trying to remain in Serie A, thanks to Fabbrini, Nelson and Formica.

These last playes are not “top players”, but their experience in Serie A is started in a positive way.


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