International — 21 June 2013

The semifinals of the 2013 Confederations Cup are approaching and the national teams that will participate to them have been almost decided during the 2nd round.

BRAZIL vs MEXICOSpain against Tahiti

As in the match against Japan, Brazil played in an excellent way, showing his clear superiority compared to his enemy. Mexico continues with his absence of motivation and his negative game. The match finished 2-0, goals scored by Neymar, thanks to the assists of Dani Alves in the first half, and Jo in the second. Chicharito Hernandez tried to help his team, without postive results. Brazil is qualified for the semifinals, while Mexico is out.


Italy played a negative match, showing tired and demotivated players. This has been visible in the result of the first part of the match: 0-2. The first half finished 1-2. Prandelli, thanks to some substitutions, managed in winning the match 4-3 permitting the qualification of Italy to the semifinals, but the performance has been negative. Authors of the goals: De Rossi, Balotelli, Giovinco plus an autogoal of Japan for Italy, Kagawa, Honda and Okazaki scorers for Japan.


The match has been too easy for Spain, that makes his regular players relax before the semifinals. 10-0 the final result, with Spain that overpassed the record for the goal scored in an international match. Authors of the goals: 4 Torres, 3 Villa, 2 Silva and 1 Mata.


Thanks to the victory against Nigeria, Urguay has still the possibility to participate to the semifinals. The first half has been equilibrate. In the second half Uruguay gained the victory 2-1, despite his negative performance. Authors of the goals: Lugano and Forlan for Uruguay, Obi Mikel for Nigeria. Now both the teams have the possibilities to be admitted to the semifinals. Next match is fundamental, but considered the enemies, Spain for Nigeria and Tahiti for Uruguay, the Latin American club has more possibilities.


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