La Liga — 21 April 2013

3-1: Ozil and Benzema were enough to win it

Real Madrid defeated Real Betis 3-1, won a game rugged of injuries: Marcelo, Benzema, Carvalho and Modric ended injured, before unfortunate before the Champions League game that will play this week against Borussia Dortmund, crucial to determine success or failure in this season.

Everyone can notice that the final stretch of the season, the decisive one, is just around the corner. With nothing to do in the league, nine points behind Barcelona all efforts will be focus on the champions league and winning the tenth European Cup.

Dortmund is ready to receive Real Madrid, Mourinho took an eleven starting team full of substitutes with the inclusion of Mesut Özil, Diego Lopez, Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo always insatiable. Mourinho had never imagined that would end the game with new tenants in nursing.

The Brazilian Carlos Henrique Casemiro was the surprising player of the match, a midfielder who joined the club in February with the intention of staying with the elderly. “I’m going to play in the first team,” he said shortly after arriving from Sao Paulo. Said and done, did not take long to debut only a few months. Some other players, such as Jesse Rodriguez, although has participated in a couple of competitive matches, are still “breaking rocks” in Castilla.

Real Madrid dominated the first half hour of the match, with a hungry Cristiano Ronaldo; the white team keeps anxiety to keep winning league games by inertia. The Portuguese pulls the team, only a few players showed unmarked, only Jose Callejon gives mobility alternatives for the “merengues”.

Despite this initial domain, only a few approaches from Benzema and Ronaldo with a clear chance reached the goal, the portuguese headed in a corner kick but Adrian rejected it. From there, Betis, with an inspired Beñat together with Pabon, Campbell and Ruben Castro, very dynamic fordward, grabbed the ball and started to add goal aproaches.

The first chance came through Pabon with a long distance shot, then Beñat did the same but Diego López stopped it; Campell within the area, threw it out; also tried a header Ruben Castro, without opposition sent the ball over the crossbar.

Cristiano tried right after with a shot that was rejected by the crossbar. Then, Ozil and Benzema came in the 45th minute to make a wall and score. The German won the hand to hand with Adrian and raised the target to score the first goal.

Ten minutes after the break, Benzema scored the second after taking advantage of Cristiano`s assistance.

Jorge Molina’s penalty at min18th worried the Bernabeu. This concern reached its peak when Ruben Castro, at 89, almost equalized after sending a ball into the crossbar. Then Özil, as if it were a cruel fate, made the third, but Real Madrid did not come out completely unscathed. Mourinho lost several players due to injury.


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