: ' Miroslav Klose'

A young Lazio will play next Serie A

Football has not a big quantity of money as in the past and clubs are starting policies to discover young and talentuous players. Udinese in Italy started this policy years ago and Lazio this year is [...]

Klose: the decisive element for Lazio

On Sunday evening, the final match of Coppa Italia will see one of the most important challenges in Italy: the derby Roma-Lazio. This appointment is fundamental not only for the meaning, but especially for the future: [...]

Possible arrivals in Rome

Roma and Lazio are going to reinforce their teams. For both the teams this season is finishing in a positive way. These are located in the highest part of the league table, Lazio could participate to [...]

SuperKlose: Lazio vs Bologna 6-0

A considerable victory for Lazio against Bologna, not only for the important result gained, that should permit Lazio to participate to Europe League, but also for the quantity of goal scored in a match. Miroslav Klose [...]

Towards Udinese-Lazio

Udinese continues its attempts to be admitted to Europe League, after the excellent performances in Verona and Parma. It will host Lazio, that after the first part of the season played in a good way, is [...]

Towards Lazio-Juventus

A difficult week for both Lazio and Juventus after the elimination from the European competitions that they must fastly forget. In fact, after the serious defeats Serie A is now the only aim. Juventus, in case [...]

Roma-Lazio: derby for Champions League

The derby Roma-Lazio is planned on Monday, April 8th. The situation is already difficult because between the two teams the relations are already full of tension and the qualification for Champions League is far away for [...]

Going towards Roma-Lazio

Roma-Lazio, the derby of Rome, is planned for April, 8th. There are still two weeks before this appointment, but both the teams have already started preparing themselves to win this important challenge. Mattia Destro, absent from [...]

Alternatives for the qualification in Europe

Beyond Juventus, that almost for sure will win Scudetto and will be qualified for Champions League, there are 6 other teams that could reach places valid for an European competition. These teams are Napoli, AC Milan, [...]

Lazio comes down in the world

The beginning of this football season, till the Christmas break, has been excellent for Lazio: a series of victories both in Serie A and in Europe League. Now, the situation is different: the positive results are [...]