Football Lady of the Week Gossip — 09 January 2013

Football Lady of the WeekGreat news for our readers, from next week we’re going to start a new weekly news column named Football Lady of the Week. It will be published every Monday morning. Being football fans ourselves we feel that Monday is the saddest day of the week as in most cases all domestic football action would have ended on Sunday and we’d have to wait another 3 or 4 days before we may watch some live action. In addition to that, for the vast majority, Monday is the first working day after two days away from work and therefore we all wake up with a dull face as it’s back to work. To lift your spirits, every Monday morning we’ll be writing about a lady that’s associated to football, she may be a footballers wife, a club official and not only…

Lastly, as we surprisingly forgot, we won’t only be writing about the Football Lady but we will also be sharing photos of her, make sure to check the Football Lady of the Week every Monday morning.


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