World Cup 2014 — 24 March 2013

Xavi will make it to the match of Paris against France; however Jordi Alba is out injured

Xavi Hernandez, Barcelona´s midfielder, has experienced a great improvement in muscular overload which he was dragging and avoid him playing for Spain against Finland yesterday and today to train with the group,is ready for next Tuesday´s final against France in Saint-Dennis.


While Jordi Alba and David Silva were the bad news in the morning on the way back to the city of soccer, because both left the concentration, one injury and the other penalty respectively, the good news, was Xavi´s positive developments that will make him be available to play for his coach Vicente del Bosque.


The coach plans were getting accomplished when he designed a wide call of 24 players, which now will not be affected due to Jordi Alba and Silva out, and its being reinforced by the return of Xavi to the group.


The Catalan midfielder underwent to medical tests this Saturday morning, by the Spain team doctors, which confirmed his recovery. The medical report highlights a “satisfactorily evolving from the muscle discomfort”.


For now, at a recovery session for headlines and more intense for alternates, Xavi joined the group and showed recent improvement from the overhead that drag on his right leg.


In a closed-door training, Spain began to prepare the match against France, and was surprised on the unexpected jab against Finland in Gijon (1-1).


Along with Xavi Hernandez, Xabi Alonso trained as well, who yesterday was reserved for Paris by Del Bosque due to the inconvenience of dragging an injury on his pubis the last two months.


After the morning training the 22 Spanish players left the concentration, the flight to Paris is schedule at 6pm.



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