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Premier League, the transfer window will end with a bang

365,710,000 million sterling in transfers. It has been a rich summer within the English Premier League with several big transfers happening and other missed transfers. But it’s not over, even more interesting happenings are on there [...]

Juventus: Podolski, Sanchez, Ibrahimovic or Jovetic?

Juventus is looking for a new striker for next season. Currently the desired players are Lukas Podolski, Arsenal, and Alexis Sanchez, Barcelona, even if Ibrahimovic and Jovetic are acceptable alternatives. Podolski is the objective not only [...]

Serie A: Top & Flop of Winter transfer market

The transfer market has been concluded since a month; it is possible now to make an evaluation about who can be considered as an investment, and who has failed. Balotelli is the only player that cost [...]

Sign your “neym” Says Santos to Neymer

The Vice president of Santos has opened talks with Neymer over a new contract as the rumors of signing him to Barcelona and keen Manchester city are still existent. The Brazilian superstar and a potential highest [...]