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Juventus continues his shopping of talents

After the arrival of Carlos Tevez in Turin, Juventus continues finding players that could reinforce his role in Europe next season. Next week, the managers of Juventus will be employed to get Jovetic, Zaza and Ogbonna. [...]

Juventus: Higuain is not available anymore

According to the lastest news about Juventus transfer market, Higuain is almost an Arsenal player, Ogbonna is ready to sign a contract with Juventus, while the operations Kolarov and Jovetic are in stand by. Higuain seems [...]

6 Difficult Coownerships

Within the numerous coownerships, 6 situations are difficult and have to be decided before the 20th June. Alessio Cerci- Fiorentina has not expressed yet his opinion about the future of the striker. Torino wants to confirm [...]

Atalanta: 14 Joint Ownerships to Solve

The deadline to discuss and solve the joint ownerships is the 20th of June. Numerous players in Serie A belong half to a team and half to another. Atalanta is one of the team with a [...]

Juventus Transfer News

Juventus are still very active in the transfer market as they are still in the hunt for a quality striker. Yesterday it seemed that the bianconeri were going to seal a deal for Dimitar Berbatov but [...]