: ' Aurelio De Laurentiis'

Napoli is investing money after Cavani’s transfer

Thanks to the transfer of Edinson Cavani that will be officially announced next week, Napoli has now 64 million euros to invest. It’s time for De Laurentiis to make offerings that could revolutionize the Italian transfer [...]

Napoli-Cavani: De Laurentiis wants certainties

In the last days, Napoli supporters have expressed their opinion about the Cavani case. The Uruguayan player indeed, actually involved with Confederations Cup, has declared his passion for Real Madrid and Chelsea, two teams that are [...]

Napoli is looking for a new goalkeeper

Aurelio De Laurentiis in his recent declarations has confirmed that De Sanctis will be the goalkeeper of Napoli also during next season. According to several rumors, Benitez appeared not convinced about the possibilities of De Sanctis, [...]

De Laurentiis: Cavani and Mazzarri will remain

Aurelio De Laurentiis, during an interview about his Napoli, promises that Cavani will remain in Napoli, together with Mazzarri. He declared that Mazzarri is unique and he does not want to change him for another coach. [...]