: ' Roma-Lazio'

Lazio won Coppa Italia

No chances for Roma during this difficult match. Lazio won Coppa Italia and the participation to the preliminary phase of Europa League, concluding in a positive way this season. Lazio deserved this victory, showing a group [...]

Roma towards the Final of Coppa Italia

Roma is concentrated to prepare the final match of Coppa Italia that will be played tomorrow evening. The match Roma-Lazio will see two solid teams challenging to get the trophy, two teams that have concluded their [...]

Klose: the decisive element for Lazio

On Sunday evening, the final match of Coppa Italia will see one of the most important challenges in Italy: the derby Roma-Lazio. This appointment is fundamental not only for the meaning, but especially for the future: [...]

Top & Flop of the 31^ round

The 31^ round has been characterized by some events, that have influenced the league table, but that have also created numerous polemics. The first top element of this round is German Denis, author of 3 goals [...]

Roma vs Lazio 1-1

The match Roma-Lazio finished 1-1, a match that started in an aggressive way, but in which noone gains the victory. Lazio showed an aggressive nature during the first half, probably also thanks to the new formation [...]

Serie A: 31^ round preview

Tomorrow Serie A will start the 31^ round with Juventus-Pescara, a match that could consolidate the position of Juventus for the victory of Scudetto, but also the relegation in Serie B for Pescara. Juventus, in fact, [...]

Roma-Lazio: derby for Champions League

The derby Roma-Lazio is planned on Monday, April 8th. The situation is already difficult because between the two teams the relations are already full of tension and the qualification for Champions League is far away for [...]

Going towards Roma-Lazio

Roma-Lazio, the derby of Rome, is planned for April, 8th. There are still two weeks before this appointment, but both the teams have already started preparing themselves to win this important challenge. Mattia Destro, absent from [...]